Vertebrogenic Pain

Vertebral Endplate Pain

Historically, intervertebral discs have been the presumed source of most chronic low back pain. However, treatments focused on the disc have not produced the desired success rates and did not correlate with disc degeneration on MR imaging or on discography results. Recent research has concluded that vertebral body endplates are a significant source of chronic low back pain.

The Role of the Basivertebral Nerve

Intraosseous nerves within the vertebral body are called basivertebral nerve (BVN). The BV nerve endings have been shown to proliferate in damaged and degenerated endplates and are more innervated than the intervertebral discs. BVN transmits pain signals from damaged vertebral body end plates.


Your health care provider will obtain a CT or MRI scan to confirm damage to vertebral body end plates.


Damaged to vertebral end plates could be painless. When these end plates do become the source of pain, it can be treated with an advanced minimally invasive procedure called Intracept. If this minimally invasive procedure fails to address vertebrogenic pain, then you may require spinal fusion.

You should also have your bone density checked periodically, especially for women that is post-menopausal. You should also have more frequent checkup if you have family history of osteoporosis or compression fractures.

Source: MedlinePlus Encyclopedia

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