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Chronic pain undeniably affects more people than cancer, diabetes and heart diseases combined together. Forty percent of chronic pain problems are related to back and neck pain. Spinal pain leads to loss of work, wages and suffering for the individual and their family as a whole. At the present time, prevalence of chronic low back pain is 3-4 times higher in individuals aged over 50 compared to those aged 18 to 30.

Even if you are not remotely connected to medical world, you probably have the knowledge to respond to chest pain. I am positive if one of your friends were diagnosed with diabetes, you would know how it is treated. But not many in non-medical world know what to do when you or your loved ones wakes up with a severe back pain? The reason could vary from a simple muscle sprain to disc herniation and even cancer. Internet is as much of a friend as it is a foe with a mix of partially right to grossly wrongful information. So where should you start your research?

Primary physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors, pain physicians and spine surgeons look and treat back pain differently. Primary reason for this lack of unanimity is that spine pain research is stricken by bias and poorly performed studies. There is a lack of consensus guidelines accepted equally by all specialists.

The two factors that are proven to work are timely diagnosis and coordinated patient care. Early diagnosis is essential. Not all herniated discs cause pain. There are some disc herniations to ignore and others to be treated early on. Team effort in planning a treatment plan is the key. Your pain doctor may “cool down” an inflamed pinched nerve with an injection. Subsequently, your physical therapist work on strengthening the affected weakened muscles. If the response to treatment is slow, you may need a minimally invasive spine surgery to prevent permanent weakness.

Dr. Sharma and his associate doctors follow this philosophy in every single patient. Identifying the source of pain, educating families about the nature of illness, formulating a tailored treatment plan to suit your life and coordinating care with your therapist or chiropractor is our goal. If you have been lost in the back pain world, it is time you consider establishing your own “spine team”.

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