Why Pain Management

So, your doctor has referred you to pain management.

You may have reservations about this step. Why would you want to “manage” your symptom (pain) when common sense would suggest to find the real problem and fix it? You may have been hearing horrible news stories in media about the drug epidemic our nation is facing. Wouldn’t seeing a pain management specialist mean getting on addictive medications?


Pain management is a vast and evolving field. “Interventional” Pain Management doctors are specialists in dealing with spine and major joint problems. During their training, pain physicians go through rotations in neurology, physician medicine rehabilitation, radiology, oncology, orthopedics and neurosurgery. Depending on their training and background, they may focus on spine or joint problems or both with their clinical practice. Pain Management doctors help to reduce acute inflammation affecting a particular area of spine through minor injections. This step helps your chiropractor or physical therapist work on your neck or back more efficiently.


At times, your primary doctor might refer you to pain management to address your sciatica or acute pain condition through a spine injection when it is expected to heal on its own eventually. In some conditions, they are able to fix the underlying problem (like a cement injection for spinal fracture) or radiofrequency ablation of a painful arthritic spinal joint. Occasionally they do offer a short course of oral medications to help your pain while your condition resolves. The good news is that most patients who are referred to pain specialists only see them for few weeks to months.


Let us start the journey of educating you about your condition and ways to control the pain related to it, or better heal it altogether!

We suggest you start with learning a bit about your back pain. For many other conditions, you can review our resources section from the drop-down menu or visit our “video library“.


If you are one of our trusted referring provider, you can download our patient brochure here.

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