Sue Martin

Dr. Sharma and his staff go above and beyond to help his patients. Having a service that allows for immediate contact via a texting service to help set up appointments and set up direct contact with Dr Sharma even late on Friday of Memorial Day weekend. I cannot begin to express the gratitude and peace of mind I now have knowing that I have a scheduled appointment next week and the medication to get me through the weekend. This is how compassionate health care should be done!!

There is not enough space to fill the praises I have for Dr Sharma. He is compassionate and a great listener. The staff at spinecare is very friendly. I received text reminders for my appointment, which was quite helpful. He showed me my MRI on a large screen TV. I was amazed how much time he spent with me going over the problem and treatment steps. I waited too long to finally have the root blocker. I am glad my pain has resolved after a single shot. I went to work the next day and felt normal. I have felt my usual self after almost a year of suffering, failing therapy, adjustments and everything possible. Thanks Dr Sharma!

Three of my family members have been treated by Dr. Sharma over these last 6-7 years with excellent results. He is an amazing human being and a caring doctor. I went for a coccyx fracture pain and his injection cured me in two sessions. My sister had an ablation for her neck pain two years ago and still remains pain free till date. My aunt had some type of test nerve block to confirm her pain level in 2016 followed by an discectomy by Dr. Mullins and returned to playing tennis and being herself. Their team is, hands down, the best combo on Long Island!!

– P Lombardo

Dr Sharma is the best! His demeanor was kind from day one with me. He listened to my problem at length. His diagnosis about my facet joint arthritis was spot on. With radiofrequency treatment, he resolved my 10 year pain in minutes. I will always be thankful to him.

What impressed me more is how he handled my wife’s hip pain last year. She was already seeing another pain doctor for injections. I convinced her to at least get a second opinion from Sharma. He referred her to a joint specialist for repair of her hip socket. He could have done more injections on her, but he was honest to suggest that we were wasting our time! She had her hip fixed at hospital for special surgery before covid and has been pain free since. I don’t have enough praises for the guy. Congratulations on the new office Dr. Sharma!


– Matt Colten

Dr. Sharma helped me tremendously, I was in excruciating pain due to a herniated disc. He recommended a cortisone injection on two places. It was done under anesthesia The procedure was quick and painless. The entire process took two hours from check in to check out. I feel much better now three weeks later and couldn’t be happier.

I am really thankful for everything Dr. Sharma has done for me. After years of being bounced around, he gave me time, education and guidance to finally come out of my neck pain and go back to being myself. I returned to teaching and life has a new meaning altogether. Once you have tasted disability for a while, coming back to work and being a mom has a new meaning. I do have a small recommendation.

Last, I am glad I went against my primary doctors referral and followed my friend’s recommendations to see you. Talk to people around you. Everyone knows someone who has a neck or back pain. There are not many quality providers on Long Island and going to city is just outrageously painful. Continue to good work. People love you for who you are and what you do.

Dr. Sharma is an excellent physician. I had an MRI before my first visit which really saved me time. I was also happy to see they have late hours and I didn’t have to take a day off to see him. He was thorough. He walked me through my problem with pictures and models.I had a minor procedure on second visit under sedation. I was back to work the next morning and have been doing well ever since. I am glad my primary doctor recommended him. He is worth the wait.

– Juan R.

I had a herniated disc in my neck causing me a lot of pain and discomfort, my appointment was 3:00 in the afternoon and Dr. Sharma got me into good Sam hospital for a shot the next day! I couldn’t be happier with how I feel now. Dr. Sharma and his team made me very happy and I’m back to normal

– Mike L.

Very knowledgeable, Dr. Sharma is extremely patience when explaining your condition and treatment needed.

– Ilaria P.

I am a local Chiropractor and if I have a tough case that is not responding to chiropractic care we refer to Dr. Sharma. Excellent results and a nice caring manner about him.

– Walter P.

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